Using Software to Generate Unique Valet Parking Solutions

Being a valet manager is a stressful job that very often requires putting out fires every other second rather than actually managing the valet stand. However, this job becomes much simpler with the introduction of valet parking software. Many software programs provide innovative valet parking solutions for problems that complicate valet service every night: compiling the number of queued requests, employee staging monitoring, and keeping a comprehensive database of the number of cars that your crew is responsible for. 

The Power of Software to Simplify

Valet parking software can remove all of these issues and streamline your valet service by digitizing items that would otherwise be tracked and noted by hand on sheets of paper. With a digital system, two cars will not accidentally be assigned to the same employee, and cases of mistaken identity with cars are sure to decrease tenfold. Managers should be able to focus on providing excellent customer service and making sure that customers are satisfied with the service that has been provided. 

Greater Ability to Delegate

With all of the information at your fingertips as a manager, you’ll be able to delegate tasks to employees and note exactly where they are. After the employee reports back, their activity will have been tracked and recorded for you on the computer system — there will be no need to excessively micromanage basic tasks. This system supervision frees the manager up to accomplish big picture tasks or even cut down on the frenzied staff activity that characterizes many valet parking stands. 

Greater Array of Display Options

Another interesting entry in the array of valet parking solutions that a software system provides is the ability to store a plethora of car information on the computer and instantly call it up at the touch of a button. Vehicle information and visual information such as multi-angled pictures and license plate photos are all stored in the same folder. This also means that these photos and related images can be stored in a client file in case that particular customer makes another visit to the restaurant or hotel. 

Convert to a Digital System and Simplify Everything

Running a valet parking stand is a simple task that can descend into madness with a disorganized system. Switching to a valet parking software system should solve many of the problems inherent to this situation — click over to our website to explore our software and determine if it’s a good fit for your business.