18 Nov 2018

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Carolina Time offers building access, telephone entry,

18 Nov 2018

Carolina Time offers building access, telephone entry, elevator, and many other systems to fit your entry needs. Take a look at our access control solutions:

Building Access Control

Carolina Time provides building access control systems from single door systems with basic keypads to fully integrated systems using cards, and or biometric entry devices. Our systems include door and elevator controls for hospitals, plants, universities, and office buildings and can integrate with CCTV, alarm systems, and ID badge systems.

Telephone Access Control

We provide telephone entry systems suited for single-family residents, gated communities, apartments, office buildings, and industrial sites. We offer systems that simply call a pre-programmed number as well as systems that have built-in searchable directories with the ability to access thousands of residents using management software.

Elevator Control

Our elevator control module can restrict the floors a guest or tenant has access to, making it ideal for high-rise buildings. As the predominant provider of access control solutions for mid-rise/high-rise residential and mixed-use properties, Cincinnati Systems complements and meets the individual needs of each development.

Control Turnstiles

We provide a wide range of innovative, high-quality pedestrian control turnstiles. We sell and service a multitude of pedestrian control equipment including optical turnstiles, interlocking doors with bulletproof glass, and full-size security turnstiles for indoor and outdoor applications.

Anti-Terrorist Devices

We offer an extensive line of crash rated vehicle barriers, hydraulic and electric gates and bollards, wedges, tire shredders, and gates to meet the current government ratings and specifications.

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