19 Nov 2018

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Carolina Time can help you manage your

19 Nov 2018

Carolina Time can help you manage your facility with our wide selection of camera systems. Check out our products and secure software systems:

Video Surveillance

Digital video lets you manage your facility from virtually any place, anytime. Our systems help provide you with a level of control that until recently was unimaginable.

Analog & IP Cameras

Carolina Time offers customers a wide selection of camera solutions; from analog to IP, fixed, PTZ, IR, and other options.

DVRs, Recorders & NVRs

Carolina Time offers a broad range of recording solutions from embedded analog recorders to enterprise level network video systems and everything in between. Our recorders can be configured to fit a wide range of applications and scaled from one location to hundreds.

Remote Management

Remote management software allows you to connect to and control your recorder from your office, your mobile device or your home. From simple live viewing to complete multi-site remote administration, remote software can help you manage your facility.

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