19 Nov 2018

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Carolina Time offers many software based, data

19 Nov 2018

Carolina Time offers many software based, data and time solutions for all of your time and attendance management. Take a look at our solutions:

Software Based Solutions

Cincinnati Systems is a leading supplier of time and attendance systems. Cincinnati Systems provides time and attendance solutions to help companies control payroll, maximize operational performance and minimize downtime while providing the most cost-effective solution available.

Web Hosted Solutions

Powerful time and attendance management web-hosted solutions are ready whenever you need to track and manage the workforce. Monthly subscription rates are cost-effective – you pay only for the employees that you manage making budgeting easier with consistent and predictable costs.

Data Collection

Data collection terminals collect employee time and attendance data with barcode, mag-stripe, proximity or biometric clocks. Our terminals reduce the time and cost of data collection. Time clocks simplify punching In and Out and provide additional functions for supervisors and employees.

Time Clocks

As a time clock company at heart, we understand that some companies still prefer traditional paper time cards or need to record time on paper documents. We offer robust timekeeping options for a virtually any environment, to meet almost any business need.

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